Pulliam Internships

About the Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program

The Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program is named in honor of the late publisher of The Indianapolis Star and The Indianapolis News. The program offers work at daily and nondaily newspapers in Indiana for college students who will have at least one term remaining following completion of the internship.

Student applicants must be residents of Indiana or attend an Indiana college or university. Graduate students and former HSPA Pulliam interns are not eligible. The program encourages students to enter careers in newspapers.


How to apply

EditorsApply online each year via this link. The 2015 deadline is Feb. 27.

StudentsAs part of the application, students must apply online via this link and submit all of the following in hard copy. The 2015 deadline is Feb. 27.

  1. Work experience/resume reflecting your ability to perform an internship;
  2. Letter of referral or recommendation from college newspaper, yearbook or faculty adviser for whom you have worked, or from a professor you had in a newspaper-related class (i.e. journalism, photography, graphic arts). This should appear on official university or corporate stationery;
  3. Samples of your work reflecting your ability to perform an internship in the areas you selected. Provide no more than three writing, photography or artwork samples you created. (If you are applying for more than one area, you may send three samples in each, i.e. three writing and three photography samples.) In lieu of work samples, indicate your work experience that would qualify you for internship; and
  4. A personal statement of no more than 400 words (typed and double-spaced) explaining why you are interested in serving an internship at an Indiana newspaper. Include any other information not on the application form you believe will assist the selection committee.

Mail all required materials to:
Karen T. Braeckel, Director, HSPA Foundation
Pulliam Internship Program
41 E. Washington St., Suite 301
Indianapolis, IN 46204

What applicants need to know

Although most internships will occur during the summer months, they may be performed any time prior to Dec. 31 of the given year.

Pulliam Internships pay a stipend of $330 per week for each of 10 weeks for a total of $3,300. The newspaper pays the intern through its payroll system used for regular staff members. All internships are considered 40-hour-per-week, full-time positions.

Although we attempt to place students with newspapers close to their residence, logistics often require interns to commute. For that reason, candidates should have access to reliable transportation. In some instances students may even wish to seek temporary housing. To help us best place a candidate with a nearby newspaper, applicants should carefully complete the location section of the application.

The HSPA Foundation must receive the online application and all required hard-copy components in its downtown Indianapolis office by the deadline.

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