Free Bicentennial series for newspapers

Download the free 15-part series. CLICK HERE for details.

Road Show for Reporters – June 29

Don't miss the Road Show for print and digital training for reporters + a 2016 AP Stylebook. CLICK HERE to register.

Pulliam interns tackle assignments

The HSPA Foundation is sending the top journalism students in the state to member newsrooms again this summer.

The 2016 intern selection committee – editors who hosted the Foundation’s Eugene S. Pulliam interns last year – whittled down the students from 45 applicants.

To qualify, each student must either have Indiana residency or attend an Indiana college or university and have at least one semester of coursework remaining.

The selected students attend Indiana schools. One each hails from Indiana Wesleyan University and the University of Indianapolis; two attend Franklin College; and five go to Ball State University. Read more »

Bicentennial series hits mark

One thing remains constant with the changing newspaper industry – creativity is key.

With the Indiana News­paper in Education Founda­tion’s free state bicentennial series – So you think you know Indiana? – newspapers can inform and interest readers in several appealing ways.

Free bicentennial series
NIE Foundation offers a free 15-part series marking Indiana’s bicentennial. To download the series, visit, www.HSPAfoundation.org.

Indiana newspapers took the 15 free stories written by Hoosier author Nelson Price and ran with them. Read more »

Pulliam deadline Feb. 26

HSPA Foundation supplies grants to fund interns in 10 member newsrooms each summer.

Yours could be one of them.

Pulliam intern deadline
Editors must apply for an intern by Feb. 26 at www.HSPAfoundation.org/registration.

The Eugene S. Pulliam Internship Program offers work at daily and nondaily newspapers in Indiana to college students who will have at least one term of coursework remaining after completion of the internship. Read more »